James Bond Films Available in 4K Ultra HD Format on Hulu

007 LogoThe Hulu streaming media service, which is available on a wide range of 4K UHD and HDR TVs as well as media platforms and gaming consoles like the Xbox One S and the PS4 Pro has added in a selection of new remastered movie content in 4K. Fans of the James Bond films should be particularly pleased by what’s coming since most of the new selections consist of a whole pile of classic Bond films.

Hulu users and 4K TV owners (not to mention James Bond franchise fans) who want to access these new content offerings will have to have own either an Xbox One S or a PlayStation 4 Pro gaming console as well as also needing to have a broadband connection that’s fast enough to handle Hulu’s 4K streams. This means at least 13Mbps of connectivity for the content from this app.

The new offerings from Hulu still place the streaming service well behind 4K content “giants” like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant video in terms of entertainment selection but the Bond movies a nice and partly nostalgic new addition to the 4K internet content landscape.

James Bond films streaming in 4K include: “Spectre,” “Die Another Day,” “The World Is Not Enough,” “GoldenEye,” “Licence To Kill,” “The Living Daylights,” “A View to a Kill,” “Never Say Never Again,” “Octopussy,” “For Your Eyes Only,” “Moonraker,” “The Spy Who Loved Me,” “The Man With The Golden Gun,” “Diamonds Are Forever,” “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” “You Only Live Twice,” “Thunderball,” “Goldfinger,” “From Russia With Love” and “Dr. No.”

Source: 4K.com


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