Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer talks James Bond on ‘Money News with Ross Greenwood’

Aston Martin DB11 in Australia
The Aston Martin DB11 Arrives in Sydney, Australia.
(Source: Carbon Auto)

While in Australia to unveil the brand new Aston Martin DB11, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer stopped by ‘Money News with Ross Greenwood‘ to talk about the brands iconic status, the new model released in Australia, and the brands fifty year association with the James Bond franchise.

During the interview, Palmer noted that “every three years, we have an extra kit” to be used in the Bond films, but gave no hint as to which Aston would feature in Bond 25. However, in a recent article with NBC News Business, “Aston officials hint the next spy thriller will feature even newer models, though they’re not saying which ones.”

For those unable to listen to the interview, here is the transcript relating to the Bond franchise.

Ross Greenwood: Isn’t that an amazing thing, for a company to have that type of publicity through movies, throughout not just one movie, but through generations. It just keeps polishing […] the marquee of the brand.

Andy Palmer: It does indeed, we’ve been in twelve of the movies. And as you say, it polishes every three years, we have an extra kit. The most remarkable thing with that relationship, is that it’s not a product placement. In other words, it’s a yin and yang thing that works for both Bond and for us.

Greenwood: But the odd thing was, before we had product placement, it kind of was, wasn’t it.

Palmer: It was yeah, but we’ve never paid to place. So that’s been the point. Obviously, so many movies around the world, you wont see many Aston’s in them, because we don’t pay to place. We do it because the character essentially demands Aston Martin.


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