Radiohead Open Up About Recording a Theme Song for ‘SPECTRE’

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone to promote the 20th anniversary package of ‘OK COMPUTER OKNOTOK 1997 2017,’ Radiohead opened up about being approached to pen a title track for the 24th Bond installment, ‘SPECTRE’. Ultimately, their song ‘SPECTRE’ was dropped in favour of Sam Smith’s ‘Writing’s on the Wall,’ which went on to win a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.

1. The James Bond movie Spectre screwed with their momentum while making A Moon Shaped Pool.

Producers of the James Bond movie Spectre approached the band to write the theme song, but it was Sam Smith’s tune that ultimately wound up in the film. Radiohead released their song for free online, but the timing was not great.

“That fucking James Bond movie threw us a massive curveball,” says producer Nigel Godrich. “It was a real waste of energy. We stopped doing what we were doing and had to concentrate on that for awhile since we were told it was something that was going to come to fruition. I haven’t seen the movie and I think they ended up with something more suitable for it, but in terms of making A Moon Shaped Pool it caused a stop right when we were in the middle of it.”

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