‘Fleming – The Man Who Would Be Bond’ on BBC Brit Polska

Fleming the Man Who Would Be Bond

Człowiek, który został Bondem‘ will commence airing on BBC Brit Polska on Saturday, 10 June, 2017 at 22:00.

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James Corden and David Beckham Audition to Be the Next James Bond

The Late Late Show‘ wrapped a week of shows in London on Thursday night with a James Bond skit featuring host James Corden and retired soccer star and model David Beckham.

The skit sees the two take turns showing off their best Bond skills – the gun barrel, seducing a Bond girl, and a seat at the casino – before things take a violent turn at the card table. Ultimately, the pair decided not to let the role get between their friendship, instead opting to star in a different franchise, as Batman and Robin.

‘Fleming – The Man Who Would Be Bond’ on Netflix Brazil

Fleming the Man Who Would Be Bond

From January 1st, 2017, Netflix Brazil will begin streaming ‘Fleming – The Man Who Would Be Bond’.

Starring Dominic Cooper (Ian Fleming) and Lara Pulver (Ann O’Neill), the four part miniseries from BBC Worldwide, chronicles the life and military career of James Bond creator Ian Fleming.

Set during the Second World War, the partially fictionalised biography, spans the period from 1938 to 1952, during which time Fleming was summoned by the British Naval Intelligence Service to work on a mission against Nazi Germany.

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James Bond Easter Egg in ‘Westworld’

James Bond Easter egg in Westworld
© HBO | Omega
(via The Bond Bulletin)

Eagle eyed Bond fans were in for a neat surprise when they tunned into the season finale of HBO’s hit drama series, ‘Westworld’.

In the opening scene of ‘The Bicameral Mind’, Head of the Westworld Programming Division Bernard Lowe, played by Jeffrey Wright, can be seen wearing a blue limited James Bond edition OMEGA Seamaster complete with gunbarrel motif on the dial.

To Bond fans, Jeffrey Wright is best known for his appearances as iconic CIA agent Felix Leiter in ‘Casino Royale’ (2006) and ‘Quantum of Solace’ (2008).

At present, there has been no word on whether Wright slipped the watch into the scene himself, or whether it was a conscious decision between the shows producers and costume department.

Fans also noted a possible homage to ‘Goldfinger’ during episode five, ‘Contrapasso’. Right before the now infamous orgy scene, there is a striking shot of a number of naked, gold-painted female hosts, which instantly evokes images of a naked, gold-painted Shirley Eaton in ‘Goldfinger’. Whether a deliberate reference or not, it is hard to see a gold-painted female figure and not think of the famous scene from 1964 film.