Radio Adaptation of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ on BBC Radio 4

Diamonds Are Forever Radio Adaptation
© BBC Radio 4

Toby Stephens returns as James Bond in the radio adaptation of ‘Diamonds Are Forever‘, which will air on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday, 28 November, 2020.
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Interview with Jim Wright Author of ‘The Real James Bond’

The Real James Bond by Jim Wright The real Jim Wright is an award-winning journalist and author of such books as, ‘The Nature of Meadowlands’, ‘Jungle of the Maya’, and ‘Hawk Mountain’. In addition to being a marsh warden at the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale, NJ, Wright is also the long-time birding columnist for northern New Jersey’s The Record.

His new book ‘The Real James Bond‘, examines the life of ornithologist James Bond, who, when publishing his landmark book, ‘Birds of the West Indies‘, could never imagine that it would forever tie him to one of the world’s most iconic fictional spies.

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Ian Fleming Interviews Raymond Chandler for the BBC

Ian Fleming and Raymond Chandler

In 1958, to mark the 70th birthday of American literary laureate Raymond Chandler, the BBC asked Ian Fleming to interview his old friend.

The resulting interview was an exuberant and far-ranging conversation in which the pair discussed the state of the literary thriller, heroes and villains, how a murder is planned and executed, and the struggle for literary credibility.

** A transcript of the interview is featured in Five Dials issue ‘Number 7‘.

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